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We are an informal group of women who have come together with a love of hats. We meet monthly to wear hats, promote hat wearing, and to learn more about hats, and to have FUN! Our group is diverse, some of us make hats, some especially love vintage hats and we like having a reason to wear a hat. The Dallas Hat Band has no dues, by-laws or officers and is open to anyone with a love for hats.

The Hat Band was founded by Evelyn Barker. The current leader is Suzanne Larsen. There are sister hat groups, the Houston Hat Net (Kate Pernia and Gayle Robertson) and The Hat Society in Austin (Kay Killen). We have had joint meetings in Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans. Several of us went to Columbus, Ohio in May of 2003 for the Hat Celebration. The Houston Hat Net has made several trips to Dallas to attend the Victorian Elegance show with us.

Three Hat Band members, Laurel Johnson, Nicole LeBlanc and Suzanne Larsen, have hats which were on display at the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville through June 2005. See photo below. The Hat Band met jointly with the Hat Ladies in Charleston, SC in March 2005.

Our May 2005 meeting was at Lone Star Park on Kentucky Derby Day. We all entered the hat contest. There were a lot of goofy hats and we are so pleased that our member, Laurel Johnson, won first prize ($500) wearing her own hat creation. See photo below. On our second annual Kentucky Derby Day, as a group, the Hat Band won second place in the hat contest. Participants were Laurel Johnson, Nicole LeBlanc, Margarita Koye and Suzanne Larsen. See group photo below.

  Hat Links:

The Houston Hat Net
The Hat Society

  Calendar of Events:

April 24, 2009  Cocktails at Fedora Lounge and Grill, 5:30 p.m. 

May 9, 2009  Swiss Avenue Historic Home Tour and Salad Luncheon, 11:30a.m.

June 13, 2009  Dallas Museum of Art, custom docent tour of museum fashions

Beginning with the July 2007 meeting, photos are displayed on our blog. Click Here


Nov. 2001 Cocktail Party: Nicole, Pam, Stephanie and Benita

Feb. 2002 Valentines Lunch at Mariposa Tea Room at Neiman Marcus with Benita, Laurel, Suzanne, Stephanie, Ruth and Hazel

Aug 2002 New Orleans - White Linen Night

      More New Orleans

     Yes, That's Right...New Orleans

     New Orleans Again!

     The Big Easy!!!

Sept. 2002 Sevy's Grill - Benita, Nicole, Suzanne, Patti and Stephanie

Oct. 2002 Cuba Libre - Nicole, Suzanne,Laurel, Marlene, Mary Jane, Patti, Benita and Stephanie

Nov 2002 Fair Park, Women's Museum - Laurel, Nicole, Suzanne, Marlene, Georgeanne and Benita

Dec. 2002 Christmas Tea - Stephanie, Nicole, Benita and Suzanne

Jan 2003 Sea Grill with Patti, Marlene, Stephanie, Suzanne and Nicole

March 2003 Kebab n Kurry with Marlene, Suzanne, Nicole, Ruth, Katie, and Patti

May 2003 Columbus, OH - Stephanie, Nicole and Suzanne

     Columbus, OH - Suzanne, Nicole and Eia at State House

June 2003 Oak Cliff, Zola's Everyday Vintage - Suzanne and Nicole

Sept. 2003 Lavendou with Houston Hat Net -Marlene, Susan, Suzanne, Kate, Nicole, Patti and Jill

           Lavendou, Hat Band and Houston Hat Net ~ Nicole, Patti, Jill, Benita, Marlene and Susan

Dec. 2003 Christmas Tea, Adolphus Hotel. Standing: Nicole, Benita, Georgeanne, Suzanne, Patti. Seated: Laurel, Marlene, Rhonda, Ruth

Jan. 2004 Russian Theme at Moscow Restaurant. Standing: Suzanne, Laurel, Nicole and Stephanie. Seated: Patti and Rhonda

2004 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat Exhibit

Nov. 2004 Tea at Renaissance Garden

March 2005 Hat Ladies Tea in Charleston, SC, Suzanne, Cee and Benita


April 2005 Spring Tea at the Arboretum, Margarita, Pam, Suzanne, Ruth and Irene

May 2005 Kentucky Derby Day, Lone Star Park, . Suzanne, Rhonda, Kelley, Tasha, Laurel and Nicole

      Kentucky Derby Day, Lone Star Park. Laurel wearing her prize winning hat

June 2005 Tea at the Ashton Hotel in Fort Worth, . Standing: Maureen, Ruth, Loretta, Kelley, Laurel, Benita and Marilyn. Seated: Margarita, Suzanne, Nicole and Irene.

Aug. 2005 Dallas Theater Center: Irene, Benita, Michelle, Ruth, Ian, Gabby, Suzanne, Laurel, Nicole, Stephanie and Margarita

     Crowns at the Dallas Theater Center, with Suzanne, Irene, Benita and Loretta

     Crowns at the Dallas Theater Center, with Bill and Nicole

February 17, 2006 Dinner at Lavendou with Houston Hat Net, Jill, Suzanne, Maureen, Betsy, Gayle and Marie


May 6, 2006 Kentucky Derby Day, Lone Star Park


June 18, 2006 Caralee's Fashions


August 19, 2006 Tea with Remy St John hosted by Laurel Johnson


September 16, 2006 Victorian Elegance: Gayle, Suzanne, Benita, Loretta and Jill


November 2006 Hat Swap hosted by Nicole


February 24, 2007 Hat Band members at Balenciaga Exhibit, Meadows Museum


April 15, 2007 Hat Band members at Pink Martini Concert with some of the band members


May 5, 2007 Spring Tea at the Arboretum: Betsy, Kelley, Margarita, Nicole and Suzanne

June23, 2007 Lunch at Bistro Louise: Loretta, Laurel, Nicole, Benita Kelley,and Suzanne




Suzanne Larsen
Hat Mistress
Dallas Hat Band